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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Social Constructs

Rebel Love Rewind...

Today's post brings tons of items from the newly opened Rewind Event: 70s style! My love stepped in to help me out and i'll be listing the amazing items he's wearing as well. The items are so amazing and the prizes are awesome, you'd be crazy not to come down and let your inner rebel out!-Creep Dolly

Give em Hell!
Punk Rawk Grrl
Rabble Rouser
☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
-On Tza-
 Brows: #adored - elder brows -@Rewind Event Now!
makeup: . MILA . Princess of Darkness - @Bodyfy NOW!
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Chloe 3.0
Ears: :Z.S: Mesh Ears V2  

Skirt: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Misfit's Attire/ Outfit - RARE -@Rewind Event Now! Jacket/Vest: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Misfit's Attire/ Vest - RARE -@Rewind Event Now! Choker: CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Punk Choker / Coal  -@Rewind Event Now!
body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Edge -@Rewind Event Now!
Scar tattoo: PqP Tatt " Hena Scari " @ Bodyfy Event Now!
Horns: PUNCH / Devil / Female {black}
Nose Guard: PUNCH / Nose Guard / Female
Boots: REIGN.- Thigh High Sneakers (Maitreya Body)- 1970's - BLACK-@Rewind Event Now!
Nose Chain: [CX] Vermin - Silver -@Rewind Event Now!
~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)

-On Socio-
 *Drot* Anarchy Vest & Shirt @ REWIND
-Belleza- Jake Mesh Body *Beta* V1.0
:::Breath:::R pants(GIANNI) @ COSMOPOLITON
AsteroidBox. Peongkeu Boots - Male // Clean @ REWIND
Caboodle - Spiked Yanki Bat - RARE @ REWIND (GATCHA RARE)
CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Chained Hook / SILVER@ REWIND GATCHA 

CUREMORE / Punk Chick / Mohawk / Electric Blue @ REWIND
Curved Barbell Eyebrow Piercing (IDK)-unknown
Curved Barbell Eyebrow Piercing 2 (IDK)-unknown
GUTCHI - Alpha C35 Bracelet L Premium @ TMD
L'Etre - Real Eyes [#5]  

PMS/DramaA - Black - Megalodon Ear Weights - @ BODYFY
The Horror!~ Anarquismo Septum - Silver @ REWIND
[CX] Bento Piercing Labret - Black ( Catwa )
[CX] Bento Piercing Snakebites - Silver ( Catwa )
[CX] Tongue Barbell (Catwa Daniel)
[CX] Vermin - Silver - @ REWIND
[The Forge] Sabbath Collar, Worn Black / Steel @ REWIND
^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear
-Skin: Stray Dog - ERIK
head tat- Speakeasy Johnny Face tat free gift SL MP
Body tat: Dappa Rise tattoo @ Man Cave Aug 10th

 ninety-  Corner Punk #places 05 [Light Blue ] - Rewind Event
 Soy. Safety Pinned Torn Tapestry (w.texchange)- Rewind Event
 Ec.cloth - Punk is not dead (decor)- Rewind Event
 CUREMORE / Punk Chick /  Anarchy Neon / Rose-gacha item- Rewind Event

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Muse

Back To You...

August brings with it rekindled romance of many kinds.. both for me and for Second Life! Romp!, L'Elite, Kinky, Man Cave  & The Fetish Fair! and more are upon us Boys and Ghouls! Check out the items below featuring blog sponsors, Violetility-Creep Dolly

Hold it right there
Den Of Sin
 ☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
- On Tza -
.Head: LeLutka.Head.Chloe 3.0
Harness: ED. Belial Slink Hourglass Black
Pasties: ED. DiamondHearts Pasties SlinkHourglass
Heels: N-core ENDLESS "Black"
mask: Nana - Bleak Black / Silver Mask
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V2.03 
Bangles: Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelet - Coal 
Ball gag: Violetility - Nailed Gag - Romp Exclusive!
Hair: [NYNE] 'Kenya' Hair - L'Elite Event Exclusive!
nails: ~GD~French Tips/Ringed(Baddie Claws)
Metal Tat: Izzie's - Metallic Lunar Tattoo
Skybox: Violetility - Playroom Skybox [w/ Portraits]-Romp Exclusive!
extra artwork 1-Bleeding-Angel-By Sixth Circle art Gallery-
Extra Artwork 2-Blood-Lust 1-By Sixth Circle art Gallery

- On Socio -
  Mesh body- Belleza Jake body
Head - Catwa head  Shaheen Bento
Hair- Stealthic hysteria browns
cock- Aeros cock axiom rigded
Dappa Septum Gift (no longer available)
pants/socks-Hiemal Sebastain socks/sweatpants are included
beard: Kauna beard Kauna mustash Bento 
Swallow gauged ears
Weights- PMS megalodon ear weights @ bodyfy Aug round
mask- Gabriel Foxmask @ Fetish fair 2017 2nd round
Eyes - L'etre Real eyes #5
nipples: Noche Mesh nipples belleza version (comes with signature&TMP) @ fetish fair 2017
Hairbase by stealthic male hairbase
Cx Bento piercings snake bites&Labret
Tattoo- Speakeasy Take heart tattoo @ mancave opens aug 10th

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Eviscerated Soul

A Little More Broken...

She is chaos.. and light, darkness, pain, love. she is the eviscerated soul of what once was. The shadow of a former beautiful thing, and for an eternity, she will be broken and in disrepair.. pieces of a mosaic, that there has not yet been made an adhesive to sort together.  she is aching heart, and brittle bones...She is me.- Creep Dolly

Til the sun dies...
If i danced for you...
Bless My Soul

☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
Extra Limbs: + Kali Extra Arms V2 + {aii}
Bloody tears: ++NODe++Tears01-Tinted Red
anklets; .: LIKE DESIGN :. Highfeet Anklet V1 Maitreya
Nose Chains: .Keystone. Annyn Nose Chains - Double - Silver-no longer available
Feet Bandages: Astralia - Bloody Bandage feet accessory
Eyes: CUREMORE / Allergic Eyes /
arm Bandages: CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / Arms / RARE
Bodysuit bandage: CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / BodySuit RARE
Nipple Bandage: CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / Pasties RARE
bandage Wings: CUREMORE / Patient Bandages / Wings RARE
Cut tattoo : CUREMORE / SCAR TISSUE / Big Cat Scratch
Head Piece: ERSCH - Vij Headdress White- Indie Teepee
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Necklace: MINIMAL - Falkor Necklace Silver
Forehead Jewel: MONS / MESH - Bindi (style11) silver
Piercing: PUNCH / Monroe / Heart {steel}
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon
Nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin) 

Skin: Suicide Gurls - Yolandi Skin 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Light Force

Sweet Toxicity...

Hey there, Creepies! back with another cool post, this time featuring Sponsor items from the Indie Teepee Event, starting July 21st until August 6th! I crept through the rain and fog for the perfect shot to showcase this item, and even featured an older but equally amazing product that happens to match it! take a look below for the deets!-Creep Dolly

Poison Glow
☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
 Body: -Belleza- Freya
Eyes: -SU!- Inked Eyes 03
hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MOON * 
Ears; :Z.S: Mesh Ears V2 
Bodysuit: Legal Insanity - Chloe' black bodysuit
Piercing: PUNCH / Monroe / Heart {black}
Bangles: Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelets - Coal
Cyber Mask: Violetility - Vial Mask [Green]
Visor: Violetility - Visor-Indie Teepee Exclusive!
Legwarmers: _CandyDoll_Mara Legwarmers Black
Legstraps: {CP} Suicide Garters
Nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Weirdo Tattoo

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Black Magic Woman

I'll Drag You to Hell...
The Creep Dolly back again with another Darkness Chamber Post! This time Featuring Black Rose Designs, W-6 Zombie Suicide and Serendipity Poses! Deep in the basement conjuring old once thought dead magic... is a lady of many talents. She'll ensnare you in her seductive gaze and leave you craving, thirsting, DYING for more!-Creep Dolly

Step inside
Dead Stars
Burn the World 
 ☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
Serendipity: intention... (1) bento- Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Serendipity: intention... (2) bento- Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Boots: #EMPIRE - Scilla - Freya - Black *FLF*
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Tibbee
Tail: Aii The ugly & Beautiful+ Bento Devil Tail (default for big booties) + {aii}
Body: -Belleza- Freya V2.01
Ears: :Z.S: Mesh Ears V2 -
Necklace: :Z.S: Secrets Necklace- Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Head: CATWA HEAD Kori [Parted Lips 4]
Eyes: CUREMORE / Allergic Eyes-Scar Tissue Gatcha
Tattoo: CUREMORE / Big Cat Scratch / -Scar Tissue Gatcha
Lipstick: MONS / Catwa Lipstick (Matte) 2
Circlet: Noodles - Hex Circlet Black
Horns: PUNCH / Devil / Female
Piercings: PUNCH / Monroe / Heart
Bangles: Sweet Thing. Pentagram Trick Bracelet - Coal
Shirt: W:6 Backless tie Black Magic2 Top-Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Skirt: [[Black Rose]] ARADIA SKIRT - Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)
Violetility - Vase Bottle (Dirty)Violetility - Viking DaggerVioletility - Scrying BowlVioletility - Research Props (Spells)Violetility - Pristine Dew Jar [Dirty]Violetility - Phial (Dirty)Violetility - Mughal DaggerVioletility - KarambitVioletility - Eye Of Newt Jar [Dirty]Violetility - Crystal BallVioletility - Bottle (Dirty)Violetility - Blade of CainVioletility - Black MirrorVioletility - Bat Blood Jar [Dirty]
BALACLAVA!! Ghost Servant [Lantern L&R)
[ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse
[Krescendo] Kattegat - Jug and Cups
[Krescendo] Kattegat Wall Torch
.Eldritch. Cost iomlan Tome


Voodoo Dolly

Alright, Bois and Ghouls, here just in time for the summer, is another fantastic round of the Darkness Chamber Fair! We'll Be bringing you some awesome Fashion, Tattoos, Jewelry, and everything else the fair has to offer! First Up, B.O.D!, Serendipity Poses & Zombie Suicide! It's been a while, but The Creep Dolly is back, and with more tricks and treats up her sleeve!. This post also features many items from blog sponsors, Violetility as well!

Grant Me Life...Grant me Power.
Invoking the Spirits
The Underworld is MINE
☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
Tail: Aii The Ugly & Beautiful:+ Bento Devil Tail (default for big booties) + {aii}
Body: -Belleza- Freya V2.01
Ears: Zombie Suicide :Z.S: Mesh Ears V2

Necklace: Zombie Suicide :Z.S: Secrets Necklace-Darkness Chamber Exclusive!
Head: CATWA HEAD Kori [Parted Lips 4]
Heart Tattoo: CUREMORE / Heart /-Scar Tissue Gatcha
Stapled Eyes: CUREMORE / Wide-eyed / -Scar Tissue Gatcha
Hair: lock&tuft - renegade // FATPACK
Horns: PUNCH / Devil / Female
Eye Gore: Violetility - Candy Gore Eyes/GRAPE

Gore Legs: Violetility - Candy Gore Legs/GRAPE
Voodoo Pins Front: Violetility - Voodoo Doll Heart GRAPE
Voodoo Pins Back: Violetility - Voodoo Doll Spine GRAPE
Nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)
Top: -BOD- Valdis Plain Top - Darkness Chamber Exlcusive!
Pants: -BOD- Shield Voodoo Pants
- Darkness Chamber Exlcusive!
Serendipity: wish...(3 mirror)
- Darkness Chamber Exlcusive!
Serendipity: wish...(2 mirror) - Darkness Chamber Exlcusive!
Violetility - Vase Bottle (Dirty)Violetility - Viking DaggerVioletility - Scrying BowlVioletility - Research Props (Spells)Violetility - Pristine Dew Jar [Dirty]Violetility - Phial (Dirty)Violetility - Mughal DaggerVioletility - KarambitVioletility - Eye Of Newt Jar [Dirty]Violetility - Crystal BallVioletility - Bottle (Dirty)Violetility - Blade of CainVioletility - Black MirrorVioletility - Bat Blood Jar [Dirty]
BALACLAVA!! Ghost Servant [Lantern L&R)
[ContraptioN] Props: Wrapped Corpse
[Krescendo] Kattegat - Jug and Cups
[Krescendo] Kattegat Wall Torch
.Eldritch. Cost iomlan Tome

Monday, April 10, 2017


Nature's Embrace...
Spring has most definitely sprung!, and witht hat, the Seasons Story is now under way!, Blog Sponsors,Violetility, have some lovely items for you all this round, hop on by and check them out, the fun is just starting! My hubs and i, decided to be in the buff for this one and we hope you all don't mind! Check out flickr for the extra shots!, we really enjoyed this set, and hope you all do as well-Creep Dolly

Wildhearted Fae
In The Garden
Building a Mystery
☽The Stuff & The Things!☾

Basket Bed-Violetility - Outdoor Basket Bed PG & Adult @ Seasons Story NOW!
Chairs & Ottomon- Violetility - Veil of Spring Chair & Ottomon @ Seasons Story NOW!
Bird Cage: Simply Shelby-Cockatiel Bird Cage  - Pink
Flower Box-Simply Shelby  Spring Blooms Planter -Pink butterfly
Hanging Lanterns- Dysfunctionality-[DDD] Hatched Paper Lanterns - 3B
Wooden walkway and fences-Dysfunctionality [DDD] Aged Wooden Fence & walkway 

Tree 2- Simply Shelby-Hummingbird Garden - wildflower & daisy
Ivy-Dysfunctionality-[DDD] Ivy Groundcover
Crystal Petals-E.V.E Dancing Petals Dystopia in Pink
Curly Wild Grass: -Garden- by anc curly forest grass {purple}
Wild Green Grass- ~*SR*~ 4 Season Long Grass V.01 

Crying Statue- Mesh County-crying woman fountain mesh

Our Things!
Creep Dolly:
Body:Belleza Freya Body

Hands- Vista Pro hands-Bento
Ears Mandala pierced elf ears 
Head- Catwa Ashanti Head
Heels: N-core Xtreme Platforms "Clear" 
Nails: ~GD~Doll Anthem(Long Coffin)-Vista Bento PROHANDS
Tattoo-[PU] Blessed Be
Shape: Personal

Creep Daddy:
 Body & Hands: Signature Gianni Body+Gianni Bento Hands
 Hair- Exile:: Life Won't Wait- All or nothing
Tattoo- CURELESS [+] Psychopomp Body / BLACK CLEAR (v.1)