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Cat Scratch Fever!

Eat your heart out...

So the Creep Dolly has joined a photo contest, not only that, most of the items i have on in this photo are from a cool halloween box that's on the marketplace just now! the photo contest is also For that box, and i figured, while i'm at it, why not blog the outfit? i spent a while putting together a look i thought was really cool, and now, you too can have that super creepy, bloody drinking, crazed look! i'll include my facebook link & the Mp Link for those who would like to swing by and click a like to vote for me, or purchase the box.for yourselves(the price is amazing!)it'd be awesome! if not, it's still awesome that you read this post!Creep Dolly. Happy 20th Day of Halloween!

>Vote for me< (just click like)
>Buy this awesome box!< ( Get it, meow!)
☽The Stuff & The Things!☾
Body: Slink Hourglass
Skin: Suicide Gurls- yolandi Skin
hair- Mello. Little Black Cat @ Trick or treat box, NOW!
Necklace: {C&C} Jack-o-Necklace &am…

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