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Cosmic Love Spell

Interstellar kind of Love

Ft. FrouFrou, Egozy

Whew! When i say i was frustrated with trying to take this pic!.. i crashed my graphics card no less than 7-12 times while trying to take it, updated the viewer, my drivers, rebooted countless times, and even crashed it all once more to get this one shot before it all went to hell BUT, it's exactly what i had in mind and i think it came out awesome!. This sweet little number comes to us from the FrouFrou Lingerie event brought my Flair for Events(the ones who do all those awesome things) i've blogged a few of the items and plan on doing a ton more, because there's so many fantastic designers in this round for the new year, and they've brought their A-game! I hope you grab a few extra Ls on your way to pick up a few things, you're not gonna want to leave with just one thing. Maybe i'll see you there? - Creep Dolly ☽The paint on the canvas!☾

Choker: *COCO*_Gift_LaceChoker_White(GG)  Flower Wreath: *LODE* Head Accessory…

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